AppsTek offers Specialized Quality Engineering Services complying with industry best practices. Leveraging latest tools and technologies, we enable clients to gain a competitive edge.

AppsTek helps clients stay ahead in service virtualization, performance testing, automation testing, security testing, SOA testing, test data management, mobile testing, and testing for migrations to the cloud.

Considering that the build frequency in agile development is accelerated, it is critical for the testing team to execute regression testing suite within a short time span. Automation ensures that testing is completed within a specific time period. Adding regression testing suite to continuous integration flow helps prevent developers to check new code before automatically evaluating the correct working of the existing functionality.

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Core Specialized QE Services

Regression Testing in Agile Scenario

Sprint Level Regression Testing

It focuses on testing new functionalities implemented since the last release.

End to End Regression Testing

This end-to-end testing process checks core functionalities of the product.

Key Approach

Traditional Testing Approach

In this method, you focus on functional validity of the application. It gives flexibility to decide on the degree of automation required.

Delayed Week Approach

It is not confined to a specific timeline and may carry over to the next week. Sprint level testing provides a clear understanding about the functionalities and all probable defects.

Delayed Sprint Approach

It avoids a longer end-to-end regression test cycle. Since the regression cycle is delayed only by a sprint, it discounts the need for having two separate regression test cycle types.

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