As a Gold Partner, AppsTek is your go-to consultant for essential Oracle services. Our extensive experience makes us your trusted partner with the ability to help you achieve maximum ROI.

The journey of implementing Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) not only involves investment in new technology but also diligent planning and proper migration along with integration of existing systems with new applications. It also includes the maintenance of systems, after the go-live to ensure the functionality is on par with evolving business needs. AppsTek's business-focused, Oracle-centric approach reduces costs and helps keep EBS implementation projects on time and on budget. Most important, we concentrate on getting value for your investment, rather than recreating your existing processes in new technology.

Our longstanding relationship with Oracle and experience of co-development with prestigious clients strengthens our expertise, knowledge and insight to help our clients.

We work closely with your team to tailor Oracle's business models to the specific processes and functions of your business.

Service Offerings

Implementation Services

At AppsTek, we provide seasoned, experienced consultants who understand both sides of this equation and deliver smart, innovative, value-driven solutions that are right for you. Our end-to-end service includes package assessments, implementations, upgrades, module add-ons, enhancements, business intelligence, and functional support.

EBS Upgrade Assessment

As part of Oracle's Applications Unlimited strategy, Oracle's E-Business Suite (EBS) applications will continue to be enhanced, to protect and extend the value of your software investment. By upgrading to the latest release of Oracle EBS, organizations can achieve immediate value by taking advantage of new product features and maintain access to new updates, fixes, and critical patch updates.

Single-Sign On (SSO)

The AppsTek SSO solution delivers an improved user experience, enabling users to access multiple enterprise applications from a single point of entry. The common authentication and authorization framework also allows your in-house talent to easily build additional user-specific services in a more fluid environment. Furthermore, the client benefits from enhanced security and a streamlined auditing and reporting process.


Our Approach


To keep pace with the evolving market dynamics it is crucial for organizations running older versions of Oracle EBS to reassess and look for an upgrade to maximize their ROI.