AppsTek is your ideal partner for developing modern applications. Implementing over 100 projects, we enabled our clients gain market leadership & keep pace with the emerging technologies.

We have several years of experience in designing web applications implementing cutting-edge technologies such as XHTML, JavaScript, DHTML, and AJAX, Flash, Active X, Java Applets, Java Web Start, Windows Smart Clients, PHP etc. We have designed and deployed numerous web applications for a wide range of enterprises across different industries.

Key Offerings

Custom Applications

Our team of expert developers customize the application design and functionality to offer superior quality interactive experience to end-users.

Enterprise Solutions

AppsTek adopts proven methodologies to develop user-centric applications addresing diverse business needs across the enterprise.

E-Commerce Portals

Does your retail business have a good online presence? We design & develop customized e-commerce portal to increase your loyal customer base.


AppsTek helps clients in reducing their maintenance cost and achieve faster time-to-market at guaranteed service levels.