AppsTek leverages business consulting led design methodology to develop Strategic Vision, Roadmap, and Proof-of-Concept to ensure successful IoT implementations.

Our experts help transform your business and create value addition for your enterprise with top notch IoT-based solutions. We add our expertise to your business for perfect value realization and possess strong capabilities with sensors, gateways, hubs, artificial intelligence, analytics & machine learning. Our passionate technologists are well-versed to work with connected machines and explore data analytics processing in real time for a better tomorrow.

Actionable insights to make sound decisions in real time

Key Focus Areas

Data Processing

Process high-volume data and information streams

Efficient Storage

Store huge volumes of relevant information

Accurate Insights

Execute predictive analytics based on historical data

Technical Expertise

Leverage machine learning to drive predictive analytics

Key Differentiators

IIOT in Oil and Gas Industry

IIOT for Smart Manufacturing

AppsTek's 3-Action Approach to Business Transformation

Value Realization

While there are many use cases where the power of IIoT and Advanced Analytics could be combined for business outcomes, predictive maintenance and remote asset management are emerging as the primary areas of focus for yielding better productivity and faster return on investment (ROI).

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