Industry Overview

Oil & Gas

Our team of technology experts helps oil and gas enterprises to gain competitive edge by adopting new-age technologies and improve operational efficiency across the enterprise.


AppsTek has been delivering world-class enterprise solutions to global energy and utilities for several years. Solutions comprise of tested frameworks, proven methodologies and other tools to enable clients a smooth digital transformation journey.


AppsTek Corp empowers the retail industry by designing and developing integrated IT solutions for the retail industry such as eCommerce, supply chain management and online payment to optimize business performance and reducing overall costs.


Increased customization, and faster time to market at affordable price are some of the benefits availed by leading manufacturing companies through AppsTek's enterprise IT solutions.

Current trends

Oil & Gas

Big Data in the Oil and Gas Sector 2018 Global Market Expected to Grow at CAGR 13% and Forecast to 2022

Enterprises are adopting big data solutions to enhance market response and improved decision-making. Advanced analytics and big data eliminates delays due to human errors, resulting in automated decision making. Moreover, the extensive use of big data solutions will improve efficiency across the entire lifecycle and reduce operating costs.

Enterprises can now understand and leverage accurate data insights to stay ahead in exploration, planning, and field development. Advanced analytics such as descriptive modeling, data simulation, predictive analytics etc. will gain traction as per market trends. Adopting advanced analytics will help in exploration, drilling and operational analytics.

Energy and Utilities Outlook

Distributed energy resource (DER) penetration may have the biggest impact

Whether it’s distributed generation, energy storage, microgrids, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, smart appliances, or demand response, residential and commercial electricity customers seem to increasingly see these products and services as a way to manage their energy use, save money, reduce their carbon footprint, and boost reliability and resilience. While initially many utilities and system operators saw DERs as intermittent or otherwise unreliable, that may be changing. Many are now beginning to explore how, when paired with technology such as smart inverters and advanced distribution management systems, DERs can add flexibility and resilience to the grid. And resilience is a key goal in light of recent severe storms, as noted below. Energy storage, increasingly being deployed either at grid scale or as a DER, also holds promise to boost flexibility and resilience. If new DER-owning “prosumers,” or producing customers who are now feeding electricity back to the grid, begin to receive payment or credits for the grid services they provide, customer engagement and willingness to explore other new utility products and services will likely rise.

Retail Trends for 2018

Digital disruption will enhance shopping experiences in 2018

Customer is king. Today, a customer defines his/her shopping experience. As a retailer, you stand to miss sales opportunity if you adopt traditional methods. Coordinated sales and merchandise operations will be the key to success in future. It is important for retailers to deliver omnichannel and digital solutions to customers.

2017 was the year of digital discovery. 2018 will be the year of technology and integration of disruptive technologies in mainstream retail. We will see retailers create new operating models that focus on delivering delightful shopping experiences and giving customers more control and convenience. Customers will find new and creative ways of shopping in 2018.


Fuelling Industry Growth


CAGR of Blockchain market


Expected growth of AI


Global spending on Analytics


CAGR for IoT

These industry trends promise exciting opportunities for business innovation in the future.

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