We focus on delivering quality applications as per defined specifications to address client needs. At different stages of the development lifecycle, AppsTek engages with its clients to align the testing objectives with client’s business goals.

Testing is introduced in the early stages of the lifecycle to detect issues at root level, reduce overall Quality Engineering costs, Rework costs and improve overall product quality.

Well-structured approach, leveraging industry standards and methodologies.

Key Offerings

Regression Testing

AppsTek uses a systematic and well-defined regression test approach to perform effective regression testing.

Traceability Matrix

Outlines of the requirements vs. test cases

Dependency Analysis

Performed between test cases and requirements

Change Reports

Issues between the current release and previous release

Regression Test Pack

Create maintainable and useful regression pack.

System & Integration Testing

We perform System and Integration Testing with an entire range of quality assurance techniques, forcing all possible hidden issues to the surface.

Dependency Mapping

Equivalence Class Partitioning

System Complexity Matrix

Change Impact Matrix

Boundary Value Analysis

Orthogonal Array Testing

State Based Transitions

Decision Tables

Test Artifacts Ambiguity Testing

Product Vs Customization

Cost of bugs in the modern business is often so high that you don’t have right to make mistake. It is therefore vital for the company – whether it is a specially developed software or enterprise-ready information system.

If you develop the software and need to include quality engineering as an integral part of the product development life cycle, we can perform software testing for your application.

We offer a full range of services including writing technical specifications for tests (test specifications), driver development for automated testing (test scripts), execution of different types of validation and verification in accordance with the requirements.

Our specialized testing team develops the appropriate strategy and performs comprehensive software product engineering.