Our testing experts trust an approach emphasizing collaboration, communication, integration and automation. We ensure smoother development and agile delivery of innovative enterprise solutions.

We at AppsTek believe in maintaining pace with the business needs. Our offerings enables customers to achieve seamless end-to-end application release, integrating different workflow processes right from development to build, test, deploy and monitor the application development process. A single workflow involving development and operational activities improves business visibility and helps in the transformation journey.

Results include: Higher productivity levels; better monitoring and governance; improved scalability; and faster time to market. With AppsTek DevOps platform, you can achieve increased test coverage, greater control and better results at reduced costs/time to deliver.

Seamless integration of development and operations team at AppsTek


AppsTek enables clients to achieve superior quality benefits through

Best Practices

Standard Processes, Templates, Guidelines & Checklists

Efficient Monitoring

Automated & Continuous Quality Monitoring

Agile Dvelopment

Integration, Build, Deployment, End-to-End Testing & Reporting

Key Drivers

Shift from legacy systems

Moving from monolithic apps with newer microservices architecture requires faster development and quicker innovation.

Resistance to change

Shifting to DevOps may seem scary to stakeholders and other team members. Once teams realize the benefits, others will organically want to adopt the new ways of working.

Rising demand for cloud-based applications

Cloud-based applications must ensure data security and privacy adhering to industry best practices.

Continuous deployment across multiple platforms

Enterprises must use tools and practices that drive the need for continuous collaboration and delivery.

DevOps At AppsTek