Our technology experts enable clients to develop blockchain projects. We work closely with our clients – right from exploratory phase, to business case construction, until final roll-out of the application.

Onboard and scale network participants with AppsTek blockchain solutions to deliver business results quickly. We also ensure resilient operations continually with high availability and autonomous recovery. AppsTek Blockchain services integrated with Oracle Cloud applications will enable clients to adopt new business models and penetrate into new revenue streams without affecting the existing processes.

Additionally, it will accelerate business processes through real-time access to reliable information across Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle SCM Cloud, or custom blockchain application integrations. Reduce risk & complexity, increase efficiency by secure automation of cross-organization transactions and share reliable information across the organization. Blockchain services reduces transaction costs, mitigates security and privacy risks for enterprises and simplifies compliance and audits.

Key Partnerships

Third-Party Analysts
Technology Partners
Venture Capitalists
Retail Partners
Channel Partners
Government Supporters

Security Audits

Is your blockchain secure? Blockchain is evolving manifold on a daily basis. There are no industry best practices or regulatory standards for the technology as yet. Hence, early adopters face the challenge of identifying security protocols, standards, and processes to implement this technology securely. Even the smallest breach in this lifecycle poses great business risks and may eventually bring disrepute to your brand.

Connect with world-class cybersecurity specialists at AppsTek Corp to secure your blockchain network.

Our team will closely work with you to assess, enable, and secure the entire blockchain lifecycle.

Key Benefits

Identity Management

Efficient management of identities of people, process, and objects


Secure integration of business application with aggregators

Standardized Operations

Industry best practices such as assessment pen testing

Industry-wide Solutions

Formalize digital relationships with diverse transactions across industries

Smart Contract Audits

Smart contracts result in automation, transparency and decentralization of online operations. At AppsTek, we are well-versed with industry protocols and standards such as Solidified Verification Standard and Quantstamp to secure your blockchain ecosystem and prevent hacks.

Our experts revise the code to detect anomalies and recommends improvements to secure the cryptocurrency. We also have passionate technologists who can identify critical issues requiring immediate resolution.

Secured blockchain ecosystem with smart contracts