A feature rich, cost-effective, secure and flexible alternative to Oracle’s mobile solution, Business Approvals for Managers.

We offer advanced mobile/application development services across various platforms. Our remote AppsTek SWAT teams are constantly engaged in raising the bar and setting higher standards for mobile applications.

We have extensive experience in deploying well-aimed solutions to clients from diverse business verticals. We have an impressive track record of on-time delivery of solutions. We can confidently assure you high-quality mobile applications meeting all your requirements.


Task-Focused Mobile Solution

Its cutting-edge technology enables managers and executives to view expenses, purchase requisitions, purchase orders, invoices, projects and budgets, HR activities, etc., and to approve decisions with just few clicks. As over 60% of current Oracle clients use R11i, we created the product to address their needs along with those who have already moved to R12.

Relevant Business Intelligence

AppsMobile provides access to relevant information for the task at hand. For example, a Sales VP can search for and find expense vs. budget data, allowing him or her to make an informed approval on an expense report. Decision makers can get a 360-degree view of reports using the multi-touch or “pinch” technology; report-level filters refinethe granularity of displayed data.

Platform Independence

AppsMobile leverages the power of native OS applications to deliver a device-neutral solution. Whereas Oracle’s mobile solution, Business Approvals for Managers, requires an Apple device (iPhone or iPad), AppsMobile can be accessed from any device you currently use or favor. If you ever choose to change devices, the switch is easy.

Robust Security and Scalable Integration

AppsTek delivers standards-based security solutions that virtually eliminate threat and reduce the attack-surface of the application. Along with role-based access control, we provide enhanced security with unique features: adaptive risk calculations, which indicate the user’s geographical location and IP address; and device fingerprinting to prevent unauthorized access.

AppsMobile for Oracle Applications

AppsMobile currently provides proven applications for Oracle Financials and Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS). Customer Relationship Management (CRM) will soon be introduced, and other applications including Operations and Supply Chain will follow shortly thereafter.

Are you ready to go mobile?

AppsMobile provides an incredible product that is feature-rich, cost-effective, secure, and flexible. Call us today to find out how quickly your managers and executives can view their critical data any time, any place, from any device!